Monday, August 10, 2009

The Rizdales
Cancer Benefit
Cadillac Lounge
August 9,2009
4 pm Matinee

We saw The Rizdales back the wonderful Wanda Jackson last December.

Let me tell you it seems like a lifetime has passed in the interim.

Don't think I don't appreciate irony as we find ourselves heading back to the Cadillac Lounge for this benefit show. In December of '08 my wife was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. She did a 5 month chemo regimen, followed by surgery in June and is currently nearing the middle of her radiation program. We have been fortunate as the team at Sunnybrook's Odette Center have had terrific success. Her sister, who will be with us for this matinee, was diagnosed in early '09 and is still in treatment. These ladies deserve a party. Also joining us, a third sister; she's the nervous looking one, she doesn't have breast cancer yet.

Great benefit in honour of George O'Connor, father of Tara Dunphy, lead singer and fiddlatrix of the band, who passed away two years ago. Tom Dunphy worked the MC mic all night encouraging the patrons to dig deep in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. By all accounts it was a successful evening.

Musically, it was lengthy. Show opened at 4 pm with a tight set from The Swinging Blackjacks. Next up was Mr Rick and the Biscuits, who did a different version of House of the Rising Sun but were most notable for the young man from New Orleans who was playing slap-style stand-up bass. Local rockabilly icons, The Royal Crowns, who also boast an excellent bass player, rounded out the show.

After a few quick "thank you's" and a raffle draw, we are through with the fund-raising and on to The Rizdales main set. Love the opener, Cash & Carter's Jackson, done with loving eyes and a sardonic smile. Also of note songs; It's Not Me, It's You and My New Wife's Kids.

You can see these guys a couple times a month between the London and Toronto dates they do. And they do their share of matinees so you can make it part of a weekend stroll.

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