Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Top 10 Covers of 2009

And the lists just keep on coming.

10) Paul James covering The Rolling Stones : Sweet Virginia

Love the artist, love the song, gotta make the list.

09) NIN covering David Bowie : I'm Afraid of Americans

Ok, I know it's a bit of a cheat.

08) The Kills covering Patsy Cline : Crazy

'nuff said.

07) Dead Weather covering Bob Dylan : New Pony

Ya, climb up on top of me, why don'cha.

06) Green Day covering everybody: Shout!/I'll Be There/Stand By Me

It was even better live.

05) CR Avery covering Lucinda Williams: Bus To Baton Rouge

Canadian hip-hop, spoken word artist doing New Orleans boozehound blues.

04) DEVO covering The Rolling Stones : Satisfaction

Had no reason to expect I'd ever see this live.

03) Dead Weather covering Van Morrison : You Just Can't Win

It's all about Jack.

02) Street Sweeper Social Scene covering MIA : Paper Planes

I mean, get the fuck outa here, Tommy Morello does Desi? Should have been Number 1.

except for this masterpiece

01) Billy Bragg covering John Cooper Clarke to the tune of Bob Dylan's Desolation Row : Evidently Chicken Town

We are not worthy.

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Ryan Pedersen said...

Great list! I would like to nominate The Dead Weather's version of "A Child of a Few Hours Is Burning to Death" as an honorable mention. I don't think there was room for another from the same artists since you already had New Pony and Crazy, but I thought people should at least know about it, truly one of the best songs and bands on the planet. I found a recording of it from their New York, July 16th show here.


Dead Weather fans should also check out video of their 20 min set on fromthebasement.tv which I've linked to on my blog.


Finally I just wanted to thank you for posting the Ottawa set on dime, very sweet recording. I especially loved your creativity in the artist listing...but you forgot to add "woman of my dreams" next to Alison Mosshart's description.

Allison Mosshart - lead vocals, guitar, tamborine, cigarettes and attitude
Dean Fertita - lead guitar, keys, backing vox
Jack Lawrence - lead bass, ocular fashion, backing vox, drums
Jack White - rock god