Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Treasa Levasseur and The Daily Special
Perth ON

I have enjoyed Treasa Levasseur's stellar work as Corin Raymonds multi-instrumentalist in The Sundowners for a few years. She's a vibrant headliner in her own right, backed by David Baxter and company tonight, she delivers a lengthy blues-laden show. Vocally she falls between the sweet sound of Billie Holiday (Singing Emma) and the rougher edges of Ella Fitzgerald (Rest of the Ride), with some Ma Rainey jump (Me and My Big Fat Mouth). She's as comfortable crooning as she is belting out a song.

Check out her site for sound samples...she's on tour in rural communities throughout the year.

Scroll down for a ripping version of A Little Pride

Set 1

Gimme Just One (Low Fidelity, 2008)
Brother Lover (Not A Straight Line, 2006)
Stuck in Soulsville (Low Fidelity, 2008)
Rockin' in the Cradle of the South (David Baxter, vox)
Singing Emma (Not A Straight Line, 2006)
A Little Pride  (Broad, 2011)
Rest of the Ride (Low Fidelity, 2008)
We Should Dance (Broad, 2011)

Set 2

Amen (Low Fidelity, 2008)
Shine Your Light (The Memphis Sessions, vinyl)
Good Ones Never Share (Low Fidelity, 2008)
Davey (Broad, 2011)
Do Run  (Broad, 2011)
One (Not A Straight Line, 2006)
Me and My Big Fat Mouth (Low Fidelity, 2008)
encore break
Let Me Sleep On it  (Broad, 2011)
Worthy In Its Way  (Not A Straight Line, 2006)