Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nine Inch Nails
Copps Coliseum
Hamilton ON

I've been a little busy this month so instead of a 2nd review of NIN this year I'll direct you to my friend Ray's excellent blog for his interpretation of Trent's art.

Dylan ETC review of NIN

Here is the set list, as best I can figure out, and some sound samples from Hamilton.

Nine Inch Nails
Copps Coliseum
Hamilton ON

Church Audio Cardioids>CA STC-9000 Pre-Amp >Edirol R-09 at 24/48 >USB >Sonic Foundry 16bit wave> FlacFrontend
recorded by Krewe Chief

Disc 1

Track 01 999,999(?)
Track 02 1,000,000
Track 03 Letting You
Track 04 Discipline
Track 05 March of the Pigs
Track 06 Head Down
Track 07 Closer
Track 08 Gave Up
Track 09 The Warning
Track 10 Vessel
Track 11 Ghosts 5
Track 12 Ghosts 17
Track 13 Ghosts 19

Disc 2
Track 01 Ghosts Piggy
Track 02 The Greater Good /Pinion?
Track 03 Wish
Track 04 Terrible Lies
Track 05 Survivalism
Track 06 The Big Comedown
Track 07 Ghosts 31
Track 08 Only
Track 09 The Hand That Feeds
Track 10 Head Like A Hole
Track 11 Echoplex
Track 12 Band Intro
Track 13 The Good Soldier
Track 14 Hurt
Track 15 In This Twilight

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bob Dylan
3 Nights in Southern Ontario
2008-11-11,2008-11-12 & 2008-11-15

Thought I was only going to see one Dylan show this year...then he books a tour in Southern Ontario. That alone might not have been enough except that a friend was coming in from Italy for some shows and I thought...hell, if you can't see Bob when you're being a good host, when can you?

Pretty well anytime you want, seems to be the answer.

Big surprise/tease first night out...there's no Stu or Denny onstage.
Paul James is playing lead!
The band has life!
Bob is on fire!
He looked right at me!

What a treat to see someone on stage moving.

Alas the dream ended on the 6th song when the current, less than electric, ensemble took it's place.

Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.


John Labatt Centre

London ON

Disc 1
Track 01 Intro/Cat's in the Well
Track 02 Love Minus Zero/No Limit
Track 03 The Levee's Gonna Break
Track 04 Spirit on the Water
Track 05 Stuck Inside of Mobile (with the Memphis Blues Again)
Track 06 Masters of War
Track 07 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Track 08 John Brown
Track 09 Beyond the Horizon
Track 10 Highway 61
Track 11 Shooting Star
Track 12 It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

Disc 2

Track 01 Under the Red Sky
Track 02 Thunder on the Mountain
Track 03 Ain't Talkin'
Track 04 (audience)
Track 05 Like A Rolling Stone
Track 06 Band Intro's/talk
Track 07 All Along the Watchtower

An even better show tonight...5 more songs with Paul James, 4 of them new. Monster tunes: Tangled Up In Blue, Desolation Row, Man In the Long Black Coat, Simple Twist of Fate...tough to argue with those. Bob's also doing some weird shit with 'stacatto singing'...added something to Tangled...turned Desolation Row into a bit of spectacle. James energized Bob and this night it carried over to the band.

GM Center, Oshawa ON

1. The Wicked Messenger
2. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Bob on harp center stage)
3. The Levee's Gonna Break
4. Tangled Up In Blue
5. High Water (for Charlie Patton)
6. Man In The Long Black Coat
7. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (Bob center stage)
8. Desolation Row
9. 'Til I Fell In Love With You (Bob on harp center stage)
10. Simple Twist Of Fate
11. Honest With Me
12. When The Deal Goes Down
13. Highway 61 Revisited
14. Nettie Moore
15. Thunder On The Mountain

16. Like A Rolling Stone
17. All Along The Watchtower

So it seems the experiment with Paul James is continuing...only without Paul James. At the Sudbury show on Thursday Bob employed only Denny in the lead spot for 5 songs. Tonight in Kingston, Stu gets his turn...and he makes the most of it.

This show started well. The most enjoyable songs, other than the obvious THC with Bob on lead guitar, were songs I'm not normally keen about hearing. Maggies, LLL and MYFML were all interestingly different. This was balanced by the less than stellar renditions of a few songs I generally like; JLAW and Hwy61 in particular.

Bob Dylan
K-Rock Centre
Kingston ON

Disc 1
Track 01 Intro
Track 02 Maggies Farm
Track 03 Lay Lady Lay
Track 04 Things Have Changed
Track 05 Spirit on the Water
Track 06 Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
Track 07 Just Like A Woman
Track 08 The Levees Gonna Break
Track 09 Make You Feel My Love
Track 10 Stuck Inside of Mobile (With the Memphis Blues Again)
Track 11 Ballad of Hollis Brown
Track 12 Honest With Me

Disc 2

Track 01 The Lonsesome Death of Hattie Carroll
Track 02 Highway 61
Track 03 Nettie Moore
Track 04 Thunder On the Mountain
Track 05 audience
Track 06 Like A Rolling Stone
Track 07 Band Intro
Track 08 All Along the Watchtower

It's been awhile since I've put back-to-back(skipashow)to-back Dylan nights together but the song breakdown looks real nice.

36 different songs out of 51 over three nights

Cat's In The Well 2008/11/11
Love Minus Zero/No Limit 2008/11/11
Masters Of War 2008/11/11
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 2008/11/11
John Brown 2008/11/11
Beyond The Horizon 2008/11/11
Shooting Star 2008/11/11
It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) 2008/11/11
Under The Red Sky 2008/11/11
Ain't Talkin' 2008/11/11
The Wicked Messenger 2008/11/12
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues 2008/11/12
Tangled Up In Blue 2008/11/12
High Water (For Charley Patton) 2008/11/12
Man In The Long Black Coat 2008/11/12
Desolation Row 2008/11/12
'Til I Fell In Love With You 2008/11/12
Simple Twist Of Fate 2008/11/12
When The Deal Goes Down 2008/11/12
Maggie's Farm 2008/11/15
Lay, Lady, Lay 2008/11/15
Things Have Changed 2008/11/15
Just Like A Woman 2008/11/15
Make You Feel My Love 2008/11/15
Ballad Of Hollis Brown 2008/11/15
The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll 2008/11/15 (26X1)

Spirit On The Water 2008/11/11,2008/11/15
Stuck Inside Of Mobile 2008/11/11,2008/11/15
Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum 2008/11/12,2008/11/15
Honest With Me 2008/11/12,2008/11/15
Nettie Moore 2008/11/12,2008/11/15 (5X2)

The Levee's Gonna Break 2008/11/11,2008/11/12,2008/11/15
Highway 61 Revisited 2008/11/11,2008/11/12,2008/11/15
Thunder On The Mountain 2008/11/11,2008/11/12,2008/11/15
Like A Rolling Stone 2008/11/11,2008/11/12,2008/11/15
All Along The Watchtower 2008/11/11,2008/11/12,2008/11/15 (5X3)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Joan Baez
Massey Hall

The first time I saw Joan Baez was in 1975...just a little before I saw Bob Dylan. This week I get the pleasure of seeing Joan the concert before I see Bob. Just a little curiousity.

Joanie was terrific. No time this week for more. Check out my friend Ray's blog for a review of another show from earlier this year.

Here's the Toronto set list with some mp3's.

Joan Baez
Massey Hall
Toronto ON

Disc 1

Track 01 Lily of the West (trad)
Track 02 talk
Track 03 The Scarlett Tide (Elvis Costello)
Track 04 God Is God (Steve Earle)
Track 05 Pretty Peggy-O (trad)
Track 06 Love Song To A Stranger (Joan Baez)
Track 07 Farewell Angelina (Bob Dylan)
Track 08 Old Gospel Ship (trad/Baez)
Track 09 talk/Mimi
Track 10 Catch the Wind (Donovan)
Track 11 talk/Earle
Track 12 Christmas In Washington (Steve Earle)
Track 13 Band Intro/talk
Track 14 talk/Peaches tease/tease?
Track 15 (What A) Wonderful World (Bob Thiele)
Track 16 Rose of Sharon (Eliza Gilkyson)
Track 17 talk/MLK

Disc 2

Track 01 Swing Low Sweet Chariot (trad)
Track 02 Day After Tomorrow (Tom Waits)
Track 03 Diamonds and Rust (Joan Baez)
Track 04 I Am A Wanderer (Steve Earle)
Track 05 Long Black Veil (Marijohn Wilkin)
Track 06 Love Is Just A Four Letter Word (Bob Dylan)
Track 07 talk/Cindy and Sarah
Track 08 Jerusalem (Steve Earle)
Track 09 encore/crowd/phasing for volume adj
Track 10 talk/ginko balboa
Track 11 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Robbie Robertson)
Track 12 Imagine (John Lennon)

Track 13 Amazing Grace (trad)

Mustard Plug @ The Kathedral
w/ Bomb the Music Industry
Keepin' 6 and Stop,Drop'N Skank

Mustard Plug were back in town with their "Black and White" yearly skafest. They brought along Bomb the Music Industry and filled out the gig with two local bands, Keepin' 6 and Stop, Drop N Skank.

It was the usual slamfest on the dance floor.

Surprise of the night was Keepin' 6...a fun band with a touch of the Pistols to them.

Stop Drop N Skank put in a nice set. They are maturing at a good clip and have managed to survive a 50% turnover in band members.

Here are the songs, as best I can figure out, and a few sound samples.

SkaFest 2008 Version starring

Stop Drop N Skank
Keepin' 6
Bomb The Music Industry
Mustard Plug

The Kathedral
Toronto ON

source:Church Audio Cardioids>CA STC-9000 Pre-Amp >Edirol R-09 at 24/48 >USB >Sonic Foundry 16bit wave>


recorded by Krewe Chief
Disc 1


Track 01 James Dean
Track 02
Track 03 Care House
Track 04 Rude Boi
Track 05 The Saviour
Track 06
Track 07 Ritalin Rock
Track 08 Screen From The Sun

Keepin' 6

Track 09
Track 10 Scapegoat
Track 11 Look @ What You Got
Track 12
Track 13 Killing In The Name (Rage Against the Machine)
Track 14 Breakdown
Track 15
Track 16
Track 17 1086

Disc 2

Bomb the Music Industry

Track 01 Congratulations, John, On Joining Everytime I Die
Track 02 King Of Minneapolis Pts 1 2 3 & 4
Track 03
Track 04 talk
Track 05 419 Ruth
Track 06
Track 07 Stand There Till You're Sober
Track 08 talk
Track 09 Gold Soundz(Pavement)
Track 10 talk
Track 11
Track 12

Disc 3

Mustard Plug

Track 01 Intro/Box
Track 02 Hit Me! Hit Me!
Track 03 You
Track 04 Someday, Right Now
Track 05 We Want Barack
Track 06 The Freshman (The Verve Pipe)
Track 07 Skank By Numbers
Track 08 Life Is Too Short
Track 09 Lolita
Track 10 Miss Michigan
Track 11 talk
Track 12 Go
Track 13 Real Rat Bastard
Track 14 talk
Track 15 Thigh High Nylons
Track 16 Brain On Ska
Track 17 Yesterday
Track 18 Band Intros
Track 19 ?
Track 20 talk
Track 21 Over The Edge
Track 22 talk
Track 23 Beer Song
Track 24 encore/crowd/talk
Track 25 Mr Smiley
Track 26 Mendoza

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Smashing Pumpkins
Massey Hall Toronto ON
2008-11-03 Night 1

Billy Corgan brought a group of friends he's calling The Smashing Pumpkins into Toronto last Monday for the first of a two night stand.

The art of this show, this tour, is variety.

Multiple shows in the same city will not repeat any songs...which is pretty challenging for the band and, as it turns out, for the audience.

I had high hopes for a pop-filled night of recognizable tunes since he was coming off a Hallowe'en Night show where he played an assortment of classics from the hey-day of radio pop, including, but not limited too; Louie Louie, Hang on Sloopy, Wipeout and In A Gadda Da Vida! We didn't get that version of "variety".

What we got was a cross between Oasis and Phish. A handful of punchy pop imbedded in a 2 hour and 37 minute jamfest that included 4 songs over 10 minutes in length and one 25 minute Pink Floyd cover that saw people leaving, some screaming.

They were rude and they were fools.

Billy closed the show with the kitchiest version of Ray Stevens' Everything Is Beautiful while lecturing and heckling the crowd.

Here's the setlist with some mp3 samples.

The Smashing Pumpkins
Massey Hall
Toronto ON
Night 1

Disc 1

01. Roctopus
02. Jimmy's Drum Solo
02. Everybody Come Clap
03. Tarantula
04. G.L.O.W.
05. Siva
06. Eye
07. Mayonaise
08. Tonight, Tonight
09. Speed Kills
10. Transformer
11. Superchrist

Disc 2

12. United States->Star Spangled Banner
13. Band Introductions
14. Once Upon a Time
15. Again, Again, Again (The Crux)
16. The Rose March
17. Banter
18. Today
19. Bullet with Butterfly Wings
20. The Beginning is the End is the Beginning
21. Heavy Metal Machine ->White Rabbit [Jefferson Airplane] ->YYZ [Rush] ->Tom Sawyer [Rush]
22. Glass' Theme

Disc 3

23. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun [Pink Floyd]
24. We Only Come Out at Night
25. Everything's Beautiful (In Its Own Way) [Stevens]