Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mustard Plug @ The Kathedral
w/ Bomb the Music Industry
Keepin' 6 and Stop,Drop'N Skank

Mustard Plug were back in town with their "Black and White" yearly skafest. They brought along Bomb the Music Industry and filled out the gig with two local bands, Keepin' 6 and Stop, Drop N Skank.

It was the usual slamfest on the dance floor.

Surprise of the night was Keepin' 6...a fun band with a touch of the Pistols to them.

Stop Drop N Skank put in a nice set. They are maturing at a good clip and have managed to survive a 50% turnover in band members.

Here are the songs, as best I can figure out, and a few sound samples.

SkaFest 2008 Version starring

Stop Drop N Skank
Keepin' 6
Bomb The Music Industry
Mustard Plug

The Kathedral
Toronto ON

source:Church Audio Cardioids>CA STC-9000 Pre-Amp >Edirol R-09 at 24/48 >USB >Sonic Foundry 16bit wave>


recorded by Krewe Chief
Disc 1


Track 01 James Dean
Track 02
Track 03 Care House
Track 04 Rude Boi
Track 05 The Saviour
Track 06
Track 07 Ritalin Rock
Track 08 Screen From The Sun

Keepin' 6

Track 09
Track 10 Scapegoat
Track 11 Look @ What You Got
Track 12
Track 13 Killing In The Name (Rage Against the Machine)
Track 14 Breakdown
Track 15
Track 16
Track 17 1086

Disc 2

Bomb the Music Industry

Track 01 Congratulations, John, On Joining Everytime I Die
Track 02 King Of Minneapolis Pts 1 2 3 & 4
Track 03
Track 04 talk
Track 05 419 Ruth
Track 06
Track 07 Stand There Till You're Sober
Track 08 talk
Track 09 Gold Soundz(Pavement)
Track 10 talk
Track 11
Track 12

Disc 3

Mustard Plug

Track 01 Intro/Box
Track 02 Hit Me! Hit Me!
Track 03 You
Track 04 Someday, Right Now
Track 05 We Want Barack
Track 06 The Freshman (The Verve Pipe)
Track 07 Skank By Numbers
Track 08 Life Is Too Short
Track 09 Lolita
Track 10 Miss Michigan
Track 11 talk
Track 12 Go
Track 13 Real Rat Bastard
Track 14 talk
Track 15 Thigh High Nylons
Track 16 Brain On Ska
Track 17 Yesterday
Track 18 Band Intros
Track 19 ?
Track 20 talk
Track 21 Over The Edge
Track 22 talk
Track 23 Beer Song
Track 24 encore/crowd/talk
Track 25 Mr Smiley
Track 26 Mendoza

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