Monday, May 29, 2006

Welcome to This Ain't No Freakin' Frommers : blog this!

once i figure out how to make this thing work it will become an audio/visual diary of concerts attended, places visited and things done along the way.
in between i might just use it to rant. if you have anything to offer on any of the bands we have listed then feel free to send it along and enlighten me.

how do you like the author pic in the profile? ahhh, i WAS so much younger then.

here's a list of music & trips already taken/already booked for the year 2006.

*March 03,2006 NIN in Ottawa ON (Cancelled)
*March 06,2006 NIN in London ON
*March 21,2006 Arctic Monkeys at The Phoenix
*March 24,2006 B B King Fallsview Casino Niagara Niagara Falls ON
*April 7,2006 Merle Haggard/Bob Dylan Las Vegas NV
*April 14,2006 Mike Skliar at the Ren
*April 22,2006 HAIR! The Musical
*May 10,2006 Alice Cooper in Oshawa ON
*May 13,2006 Levon Helm Ramble Woodstock NY
*May 22,2006 Charlatans UK at the Phoenix (The Blood Arm open)
*May 26,2006 Uncle Sweetheart at the NOW Lounge June 10,2006

Buzzcocks at the Phoenix June 10,2006
Arctic Monkeys KOOL HAUS June 17,2006
Peaches/Bauhaus/NIN Molson Amphitheatre June 24,2006
Montreal Jazz Fest? July 1/2,2006 (undetermined)
Roseann Cash/ Wilco Ottawa ON July 15,2006
Whale Watching in NB (not a band, but not a bad name for one) July16-23,2006
Raconteurs Ann Arbor MI August 5,2006
Dylan/Orbison exhibit at Rock N Roll Hall of Fame August 6,2006
Raconteurs Cleveland OH August 6,2006
Jonny Lang Hampton Beach NH August 12,2006
Robert Gordon w/ Chris Spedding Cadillac Lounge August 25,2006
Robert Gordon w/ Chris Spedding Cadillac Lounge August 26,2006

anticipating a late summer/early fall Dylan tour...lotta names on this list above, but he is the Man and the Master.
really i'm hoping for a late fall/early tour instead...pretty well had my fill of Love&Theft


Anonymous said...

Bob Dylan on tour?

cloakndagger said...

Hey Paul!

dylanomaniac said...

hey cloakn'. checked out your blog...nice stuff there, all over the spectrum. hope to do the same here with a rapidshare account. gonna start with a one-month sign up and see how well it goes.

ryan the duke said...

aww...look at that cute, innocent little boy..

where'd he go?

hehe.. good to see you here dude.

Bob T. Guevara said...

Hey there Marcel.
Nice idea this blog, hope I'll find the time to check it out regularly.

Greez, Simon

Anonymous said...

You're a great man Marcel!


Anonymous said...

Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Sharon said...

In going through years of CDs, I found two discs simply identified as "This ain't no freakin' Frommers Edition #4" Disc one starts with Silvio and sounds GREAT, the guitarist I think is Freddie Koella, so I guess between 4/03 and 4/04. Any further info about concert date? Thanks

Anonymous said...

the set list for that comp can be found here