Saturday, October 20, 2007

1957 by Buck 65

1957 Live from Montreal

Buck 65 myspace page

i saw the best minds of my generation destroyed
devoid of conviction, conflicted, annoyed
kicked at and worn down
beat lookin' for the next quick fix
unpopular prophets and problems
up against angels in disguise who wanna rob them
they didn't want to end up crushed by god's embrace
in the age of the cold wind, blowin' dogs in space

space is a fake, the felonious drunk
empty rooms haunted by thelonius monk
felonious punk with plate glass squares
who see empty eyes and look straight past theirs
tree walking cheetahs with a gun in each hand
you are lost at sea, you're desperate to reach land
orpheus descending swimming in the crooked waters
hello sid vicious good bye Brooklyn Dodgers

no joke, hit the low note
we all go to heaven in a little row boat

like no joke, hit the low note
we all go to heaven in a little row boat
(repeat X3)
57, 57, 57

1957 Chevy Bel Air interior velvet special
playing poly-stereo Buddy Holly ,Elvis Presley
Black Flame Trilogyquadruple outer bass
battle sites, Little Rock , satellites in outer space
words won't help but a few bugs can
crew cuts and black leather, Ku Klux Klan
men wear hats, in fact ?heroin is shared?
opiates addicted to and parents are scared
the underground is real
deliver brains deliver queens?
perpetual motion, emotion, free thinkers and libertines
suffer alone all night with pains
hooked on drugs and a fight with chains
there's Faulkner and Baldwin
?? and some who curse reality
spy-vs-spy and the cult of personality*
what can the numbers and the words in my head mean
kilroy was here and so was Buster Crabbe and Ed Gein


1957, the pen keeps moving in attempt to sink the jingos
fight 'em with Hula Hoops, Frisbees and pink flamingos
up running all night, late sleep ordered
Have Gun Will Travel, Great Leap Forward
man on the corner with dark glasses free an' preachin'
appetite is monstruous, diet is Dionysian
all over the world, so much peril in one show
playright Arthur Miller marries Marilyn Monroe*
(ed. note: oops, seems like a 1956 happening)
hard rain fallin', baby sleepin' in god's palm
alarm clocks ringing, warrior monks and bomb squads
Invasion of the Body Snatchers*
corporate obedience, believers in numbers
speed freaks and bohemians
red is the new black,identity files
rebels and grand dragons, obscenity trials
the lead is Bobby Fisher, the country, no part is red
just black-and-white, Humphrey Bogart is dead

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Ray said...

I can't believe I've never hear this guy before, he's great. Have you heard The Streets? They've got a similar off-kilter approach to hip-hop, only British.