Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lesley Gore
Oakville Performing Arts Center

The summer concert season is a little slow this year...which is surprising. It's not that the bands aren't out on the road, it's just they're all playing festivals. Short sets. Big crowds. Hours getting in and out of monstrous venues. No chance of decent food. Makes me wonder what I ever liked about them. So I'm gonna fill up some space by revisiting some shows of the past year that didn't make it to the blog.

First up...It's My Party!

Cece and I had a wonderful evening in the old town of Oakville. Took the day off work, beat the storm out there, then got back home during a brief lull in the snow. Just in time to head down to Massey Hall for Finger Eleven and Chevelle.

But first, the show. Lori Cullen (JUNO nominee) one of a rash of female Canadian singers making a splash these days, brought her easy listening jazz stylings to the stage. Not my cup of tea, really, but not horrible. She was helped by the prescence of Kurt Swinghammer on guitar. His playing was a definite highlight. Three interesting covers also helped: Lightfoot's Pussywillows and Cattails,Herb Alpert's This Guy's In Love and Anne Murray's Talk It Over In the Morning.

There were a lot of blue-hairs in the audience. Women outnumbered men by 2:1. People born in the '40's or early outnumbered the rest of us by about the same margin. But what a respectful and attentive crowd. No talking between songs, even though there were periods with relatively obscure material. I don't think they were serving liquor either. Wonder if there's a correlation?

Our seats were awesome, 10 rows back, dead center. Capacity in this small theater is probably 800. My guess is our crowd numbered around 600. Very cozy.

Lesley Gore's just a tiny little thing. She's looking very nice and proving that 60 IS the new 40! Her voice has lost it's 'girlish' quality but what she lacks in giddyness she makes up for in unbridled enjoyment. The mature voice is smoky, reminiscent of Marianne Faithfull in some
ways, but not as edgy. Her newer material ranges from jazzy (Cool Web) to country (Not The First) to torch ballad (Someday), a varied palette. She played all the hits and more than one or two of them sounded better than in the day.

Lesley Gore
Oakville ON

01 She's A Fool
CHUM Chart Position #8, 14 weeks on the chart 1963
02 Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows
CHUM Chart Position #8, 9 weeks on the chart 1965
03 talk - Classic Songs
04 Ever Since
05 talk - Jersey Girl, American Bandstand & Quincy Jones
06 Judy's Turn To Cry
CHUM Chart Position #5, 10 weeks on the chart 1963
07 Not The First
08 Cool Web
09 Maybe I Know
CHUM Chart Position #14, 8 weeks on the chart 1964
10 It's Gone (from Flannel Pajamas soundtrack)
11 Words We Don't Say (featured on The L Word)
12 Look of Love
CHUM Chart Position #40, 3 weeks on the chart 1965
13 Better Angels (featured on CSI:Miami)
14 talk - Pink House & the Piano
15 Out Here On My Own (from Fame)
16 California Nights
CHUM Chart Position # 16, 7 weeks on the chart 1967
17 Someday
18 It's My Party (and I'll Cry If I Want To)
CHUM Chart Position # 1, 13 weeks on the chart 1963
19 You Don't Own Me (and Band Intro)
CHUM Chart Position # 5, 13 weeks on the chart 1964
20 encore break and Mom's B'Day talk
21 We Went So High

Some mp3's, just 'right-click' and SAVE:

Judy's Turn To Cry

Not The First


It's My Party (and I'll Cry If I Want To)

You Don't Own Me

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