Saturday, March 14, 2009

Paul James and Friends
Honey's Beestro

Is this guy Bob Dylan's next lead guitarist?

We can only hope so.

What a great place to see an artist. Honey's Beestro ain't that big. It has no stage. The artist sets up in a small corner. Our table was about 2 feet from Paul and his accompaniament. Makes the stealth taping thing a little precarious.

Had a chance to talk to Paul throughout the evening and I was prodding him for news about the upcoming Dylan tour. Is he is, or is he ain't, onboard? Well, if he is, and he knows, he's not telling me.

I threw everything I had at him too. Opened with a question about Jeff Rosen (Bob's manager). He seemed surprised to be talking about the Dylan camp from that angle. Told him if he IS onboard he must pass along a message to Tony Garnier; Robert Gordon says he's doing well and how are you Tony? He expressed his joy at just being in a position where this gig could fall to him. What he had to say about the Nags Head gig is public knowledge. Time spent around Mink DeVille in the '80's was high on his list of fond memories. He's a really grounded guy who seems to get a kick out of just playing.

Paul James has played with the likes of Dylan, Mink, Bo Diddley and John Hammond. He's a quiet legend in Canada; respected in the music-making industry, way under appreciated by the music-selling industry.

The past few weeks he's been playing impromptu gigs all around the area...warming up, I hope, for the call that should come any day now. This was supposed to be a solo gig but I believe he needed to get some lead-chops down so he's squeezed in a keyboard and snare drum to help keep the beat while he creates his intricate guitar runs.

Highlights of the night:

From A Buic 6! I've seen over a hundred Dylan shows and have never heard this done live. Of course, not many have. Bob's only played it twice, back in 1965.

Muddy Waters Blow Wind Blow was a treat, so too Dust My Broom, as was Sweet Virginia.

Paul's own original compositions stand up well against these monster songs. Last Clean Shirt kicks. When Love Walks Out should be a monster hit.

Set 1

T01 Bull Calf Blues (trad. Paul James)
T02 All I Have To Do Is Dream (Everley Bros)
T03 Carol (Chuck Berry)
T04 Cathy's Clown (Everley Bros)
T05 The Last Clean Shirt (Paul James)
T06 Crazy Little Baby (Paul James)
T07 Diddley Daddy/Hey Bo Diddley
T08 Dust My Broom (trad. Elmore James/Robert Johnson)
T09 Nadine (Chuck Berry)
T10 Outro Shuffle (Paul James)

Set 2

T01 When Love Walks Out, The Blues Walk In (Paul James)
T02 Bye Bye Love (Everley Bros)
T03 Suzette (Paul James)
T04 Around and Around (Chuck Berry)
T05 Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat (Bob Dylan)
T06 Mojo Boogie (JB Lenoir)
T07 From A Buic 6 (Bob Dylan)
T08 Blow Wind Blow (Muddy Waters)
T09 Sweet Virginia (Jagger/Richards)
T10 Little Girl (Paul James)

Set 3

T01 Bird Dog (Everley Bros)
T02 'Till I Kissed You (Everley Bros)
T03 Love's Made A Fool Of You (Buddy Holly)
T04 I'm Going Fishin' (trad. Paul James)
T05 Cadillac Walk (Mink DeVille)
T06 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Bob Dylan)
T07 Highway 61 (Bob Dylan)
T08 false start/All Shook Up (Blackwell/Presley)
T09 Who Do You Love? (Bo Diddley)

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Dave said...

Hey Marcel.
This sounds wonderful.
I've enjoyed many of the shows that you've been to, by listening to your recordings and really like reading the background as well. Any chance of getting the rest of this show ?
Maybe through Dime ?
Thanks, Dave. (beeton)