Sunday, April 19, 2009

English Beat
featuring David Wakeling
Lee's Palace

First time I saw the Beat was back in 1981. Got pretty well the same set list the other night. Wakeling's 30th Anniversay Tour brings everything but Ranking Roger. His spot as toastmaster is admirably filled by Antonee First Class , a protegé of sorts, he's suitably energetic and humbled. All he wants to do is make you dance...and he breaks the fuckin' silence once in awhile when the Toronto crowd lapses into a trance.

There was no lack of hits as they just kept coming. Unfortunately I had an equipment malfunction and was only able to capture the first hour and change of a two-hour set. Save It For Later had a great Pearl Jam piece thrown in, sorry I missed that one. Antonee's representation of Ranking Full Stop was terrific. The sing-a-long Mirror in the Bathroom was what you'd expect for a sing-a-long.

T01 Intro
T02 Whine and Grine/
T03 Stand Down Margaret
T04 Twist and Crawl
T05 Hands Off, She's Mine
T06 Can't Get Used To Losing You
T07 Best Friend
T08 Doors of My Heart
T09 Tears of A Clown
T10 crowd chant with Antonee First Class
T11 I'll Take You There
T12 I Confess
T13 talk-Break the Silence/National Front
T14 Two Swords
T15 Rough Rider (incomplete)

Save It For Later
Ranking Full Stop
Mirror in the Bathroom


End of the Party

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