Friday, May 15, 2009

The Tragically Hip
Massey Hall

A fixture on the Canadian rock scene for years running, The Tragically Hip now have a monstrous catalogue to their credit and a 6 night stand provides ample opportunity to explore it. Each night has a handful of hits and rarities. With New Orleans Is Sinking, Nautical Disaster and Little Bones I got the ones I wanted.

The show was LOUD.

Like Foo Fighters loud.

Gords onstage antics are somewhat subdued, if no less spasmodic. Still his movements are a performance piece, akin to interpretive dance, within the show.

Here are some samples and the set list:

01: The Last Recluse
02: Family Band
03: Gift Shop
04: Now The Struggle Has A Name
05: Puttin’ Down
06: New Orleans Is Sinking
07: Throwing Off Glass
08: Bobcaygeon
09: Honey, Please
10: The Lonely End Of The Rink
11: The Depression Suite

12: Are We Family? (Acoustic)
13: Thompson Girl (Acoustic)
14: Wheat Kings (Acoustic)
15: Nautical Disaster
16: Gus: The Polar Bear from Central Park
17: Coffee Girl
18: Love Is A First
19: Springtime In Vienna
20: Morning Moon
21: Grace, Too
22: Frozen In My Tracks
23:Music At Work

24: The Dark Canuck

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