Friday, June 19, 2009

The Hank and Lily Show

Just missed seeing Hank and Lily when their start time at the Silver Dollar was moved from 8 pm to 10 pm last week. What can I say? It was a week night and I'm getting old. Today, however, I had the good fortune of having a few free hours in the middle of the day when they were playing a free showcase at the NXNE headquarters in the Hyatt Regency.

Cozy little set up, about 30 chairs in front of a small stage. It's crowded as Hank and Lily have a big band today with an added bass player and three wigged (and wigged out) backup singers. Add a couple clowns and a dancing girl...well, it's easy to see the circus is in town.

Short set, under 40 minutes. Most tracks come from their North America project. Always great to see Lily with the saw, the show opens with the wonderfully spooky, Don't Be Afraid. We get the twins, We Can Take You Apart and the ode to Toronto, We Can Build You. Long Black Snake Moan is a muddy trip into voodoo territory. The show closes with a nicely rounded out, courtesy of the back up singers, Someone Out There For You.

Here's the full set list and some mp3 samples.

Track 01 Intro
Track 02 Don't Be Afraid
Track 03 We Can Take You Apart
Track 04 We Can Build You
Track 05 North America
Track 06 Xanadu
Track 07 Long Black Snake Moan
Track 08 A-P-O-C-A-L-Y-P-S-E
Track 09 Someone Out There For You

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