Thursday, December 03, 2009

Robert Gordon
Cadillac Lounge
December 5,2009

Last show of the year, great way to wrap things up.

Caught Robert this summer when he came through with his all-star band for a stop at the Legendary Horseshoe.

This show is a bonus.

No Chris Spedding though, and that's a shame. The Royal Crowns provided adequate back-up in his stead. Lead guitarist Danny Bartley wasn't shy about filling space, bringing a new sound to some songs and paying homage to Chris' arrangements on others. Drummer Teddy Fury had a little trouble finding the tempo early on but once he decided that 'play faster' was the call of the day, found a groove that put a little more ooomph into some tunes, especially Fire. Bassist Jason Adams slapped up a storm.

A shakey start to the evening and a loose end. Perfect bar-night. Technical difficulties and a few between-song lulls were overcome by the 6th song of the night. Just when he was hitting his stride it was time for a break. The audiences' attention span never really got refocussed but the band played on.

This is my ninth RG show in the past few years and I still got a handful of new songs; Sweet Nothings, Rock Therapy, The Fool, Dreaming and Blue Christmas were all personal debuts.

Robert Gordon
w/ The Royal Crowns
Cadillac Lounge
Toronto ON

source:SP-CMC-8>CA STC-9000 Pre-Amp >Edirol R-09 at 24/48 >USB >Sonic Foundry 16bit wave> FlacFrontend
recorded by krewechief

Disc 1
Robert Gordon's First Set

Track 01 The Way I Walk (false start)
Track 02 The Way I Walk
Track 03 (I'm Gonna Be Your) Lover Boy
Track 04 Sweet Nothings
Track 05 Lonely Weekends
Track 06 Sea of Heartbreak
Track 07 Devil in Disguise
Track 08 Rock Therapy
Track 09 Suspicion
Track 10 Good Rockin' Tonight
Track 11 The Fool
Track 12 Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache
Track 13 Dreaming

Royal Crowns mini-set

Track 14 ??
Track 15 Wine Drinking Women
Track 16 ??Surf Instrumental

Disc 2

Robert Gordon's Second Set

Track 01 Little Sister
Track 02 The Worrying Kind
Track 03 Blue Christmas
Track 04 Black Slacks
Track 05 Mess O the Blues
Track 06 Move It
Track 07 Fire
Track 08 The Wanderer
Track 09 Rockabilly Boogie
Track 10 Drivin' Wheel
Track 11 Red Hot

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