Monday, March 22, 2010

Corin Raymond
Toronto's Troubadour

Corin Raymond works the stage...most everynight, then he works the aftershow. All with a smile as he's paid to party.

I've had the pleasure of being introduced to Corin by CR Avery as he's opened a few nights in one configuration or another.

He's captivating onstage; Corin finds a child-like joy in playing music, telling stories and entertaining his friends. Can't help but leave the bar feeling just a little bit better.

He's out west now, heading home in the next week or so where he will resume his Thursday night residency atThe Cameron House . If you don't see him there, check out his MYSPACE page.

Drop in and see him if you're able. You can thank me later.

This past February he showcased his latest record, There Will Always Be A Small Time, while opening for CR.

Stealin' My Heart

Better Him Than Me

If Wishes Were Horses

?That's Life

?I Love Gettin' High

Blue Mermaid Dress

There Will Always Be A Small Time

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