Saturday, January 08, 2011

Wanda Jackson and Billy Bragg
Woodsongs Oldtime Radio Hour
Kentucky Theater
Lexington KY

So wasn't that a fortunate break? I book a date to see Billy in Ann Arbor
then find out he will be doing a Woodsongs episode (or two) with Wanda Jackson in Lexington
...and we're invited down by our local friends, Abby and Bryan.
Both these artists are on my 'must see' list, Billy didn't make it to TO this year and I had a scheduling conflict with the Wanda shows. But if you live right, things fall your way.
This is a special recording for Woodsongs, the first time they've done a two part episode. Each of these artists would have warranted a full show on their own but the timing required that we double up. Nice bonus for the miles covered.

Billy and Wanda get 8 songs each. It's a tough medium to get the power of your live shows across. The volume is moderated. The songs are interspersed with interviews and you just can't get an extended groove on. On the other hand we do get some insight into the artists careers and the host, Michael Jonathan, asks just the right questions, eliciting interesting information.

Billy didn't want to work in the car factory. Wanda found Jesus. It's cynicism, not conservatism or capitalism, that is our enemy. The party ain't over. The Clash rule. Elvis is King. Those were pretty well the highlights.

Well, not counting the songs.

Billy Bragg

Ain't Got No Home
I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night
Tank Park Salute
Way Over Yonder In A Minor Key
A New England
To Have and Have Not
Tomorrow's Gonna Be A Better Day
I Keep Faith

Wanda Jackson

Mean, Mean, Man
I Gotta Know
Shakin' All Over
Fujiyama Mama
Rock Me Baby
You Know I'm No Good
Right or Wrong
Let's Have A Party

You can hear the songs and see one of the shows by scrolling down to Shows 593 and 594 on this page CLICK HERE TO SEE AND HEAR

This pic has nothing to do with the weekend except that it's Jack White related. The last site we saw before we crossed the border line.

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