Saturday, February 12, 2011

2 Nights
Hamilton, 2011-02-09
Toronto, 2011-02-11

Always a 'feel good' night when you get to watch a girl rip it on guitar. When she's 60 and still doing scissor-kicks it's life affirming as well. Add a singularly spectacular voice, more hits than you can count on both hands and a cross-country Canadian tour celebrating this bar-band from Vancouver, you got yourself an event.

Wednesday in Hamilton saw a subdued, mid-week, SAD inflicted crowd warm up nicely to the band on a night where the temperature was flirting with minus-life threatening. The show was excellent as this band knows their material, have put together a great retrospective and obviously enjoy every minute of the time on stage.

But Friday night, well, it was on another level. Full credit to the enthusiastic audience that rained love on the ladies from the opening chords. All of Massey Hall was on their feet for a good 3/4 of this show, no holding back. Ann Wilson seemed close to tears on occassion, especially while soaking in the raucous ovation that followed Alone.

There's an excellent review of the show available here:

Heart Rocks Massey Hall

For some sound samples, click on the hyperlinks below. (Same set list both nights.)

Set 1

Cook With Fire(Toronto)
What About Love?
Straight On
Dog and Butterfly(Hamilton)
These Dreams
Hey You
Desire Walks On
Gimme Shelter/Even It Up
Red Velvet Car(Toronto)

Set 2

Magic Man(Hamilton)
Crazy On You(Hamilton)
What Is and What Should Never Be (Zeppelin)(Hamilton)
Love Reign O'er Me (Townsend)(Toronto)
second encore
Dreamboat Annie(Hamilton)

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Brian W said...

Hi! Great review of the Heart show! I saw some of your reviews from Wanda Jackson's shows. I just saw her in DC. I was wondering if you could email me about some of the shows you have of her? My email is Thanks! Brian