Friday, April 08, 2011

Teddy Thompson
The Legendary Horseshoe
Toronto ON

The music industry sucks big-time. I mean, I knew, back in the day, that The Monkees were fabricated. I was pretty certain The Archies were never going to tour (who could have forseen Gorillaz?)I even suspected Glen Campbell wasn't the talent behind the music. Today the industry doesn't even pretend to hoist product on you...they let you pick who will be #1 on the hit charts next week, on this weeks Idol.

All that gets lost in the mix is enduring music of high quality. Few, if any, of the current artists will have a lasting impression in 40 or 50 years. I can't imagine anyone mining the catalogue of Justin Beiber or Drake or Kings of Leon the way they still look back to the likes of Hendrix,Dylan or even The Kinks. There's shit there that will always be rediscovered.

Well, that's not all that gets lost. Guys like Teddy Thompson are still opening sets at The Horseshoe when we should be hearing him on the radio. Don't get me started on what's wrong with radio.

Love this guys voice. He's deft with the hook and knows the inside of a decent pop song. When you're tired of shoe-gazing, check him out.

The club is packed to capacity before Teddy takes the stage. A testament to the ground work he's laid over the past few years, opening at The Mod Club for Nick Lowe, his own headlining set at the 'Shoe, an unannounced, and missed, show at The Dakota. Some of all of those crowds showed up early.

Teddy Thompson guitar, vocals, jokemeister
Jeff Hill bass, backing vox
Ethan Eubanks drums

Track 01 I Feel
Track 02 Don't Know What I Was Thinking
Track 03 talk
Track 04 ? I Shake It Up
Track 05 Delilah
Track 06 talk
Track 07 The Next One
Track 08 talk
Track 09 That'll Be The Day (Buddy Holly)
Track 10 In My Arms
Track 11 talk
Track 12 Gotta Have Someone
Track 13 Looking For A Girl

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