Saturday, June 04, 2011

CR Avery and the Special Interest Group
The Dakota Tavern
Little Bean

"there's a black cat lying in the shadow of a gate post..."

And a belated happy Friday the 13th to you. Nothing but good luck on the horizon.

CR and his band are raising a little baguette money before they hop the ocean for a series of dates in France. It looks like the Special Interest Group may be with us for awhile as CR is developing a more accessible set fronted by a 'rock band', instead of some guy with a harp and keytar onstage. Not that he lets the audience off without the requisite challenge to their auditory senses.

We get a short set from the headliners tonight but were treated to 3 wonderfully interesting opening acts. Treasa Levasseur, accompanied by Brian Kobayakawa, showcased her new vinyl 45 single, Shine Your Light. The 'female CR Avery', ???? blew us away with her spoken word and a couple other people came on and played some songs.

Keyboardist Adam Farnsworth is featured more often this year. On his first stint with the band he provided the vocals on the chorus of the new song, Dungeon of Love (curretnly riding the chartres in France). Tonight he adds his unique vocal stylings to a reworked Motel: 50 Miles Out of Town and this years single, Flee By Night.

Evan Bates and Noah Walker, long-time East Van collaborators, hold the bass line and rock the chords with support from drummer, Kevin Romaine The magic, well, that's CR's job.

We've seen CR in many guises; as a solo artist, a one man band, fronting a Gospel Trio, backed by a string quartet and with this configuration, a traditional rock band. He's searching for a gem and with a little polish, he may have found it in the Special Interest Group.

You and Me Against the World (Hells Fireworks)
Flee By Night
German Computer
57 Channels and Nothing ON
Motel 50 Miles Out Of Town
Living Reckless
Promiscuous Women

Dungeon of Love

Check out the wonderful video for Dungeon of Love at youtube.

"and the black cat tells me, love is on it's way"

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