Saturday, December 03, 2011

CR Avery
The Pearl Company
Hamilton ON
December 2, 2011

CR's back in Southern Ontario for a handful of shows before the winter socks us in. First up a night at the wonderful Pearl Company Building in Hamilton. Cozy couches and beat attitude; a room well suited to CR's talents.

So I'm not going to go on about it all. Search through the blog for past reviews with more detail if it strikes your fancy. As Corin Raymond says, if you haven't seen CR live yet, I envy you...that first time is mind-blowing. If you have, well I'll likely see you soon at one venue or another.

Some highlights from the soundboard;

Israel's Saviour and Queen

One of Those Faces

Just A Hobo


Small Town

A couple off-mic banjo tunes from the audience capture;

My Bad

Hollywood Movie Blues

Reprise tonight at The Rivoli on Queen West.

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