Sunday, January 29, 2012

Corin Raymond and the Sundowners
Live Album Recording Night 2
with special guest Raghu Lokanathan

Back at it.

The Canadian Tire Money fundraiser has passed $1,500.00.
That's pretty impressive and it's not over.

Last night was great but there was a certain nervous anticipatory anxiety, a feeling that we'd reached a goal, were about to get the payoff; yet there was an underlying exhaustion, the road had been long. The first time out was a cautious set, with a couple slip ups, the pressure of nailing a live performance can be intense. Before this evenings show the band did a run-through of most the songs going on the record, with the tape rolling. It eases some of the pressure and that was evident from the outset. I suspect the bulk of the record will come from this evenings set, for small reasons, the distance between the quality of the performances was not that great but the little things add up.

From Prince George BC we have Raghu Lokanathan warming up an already exhuberant crowd. Smart-assed music for smart people. Every cheeky couplet comes with tongue firmly in place.

What Does It All Mean
Watch Beauty Get Older
These Are The Gates
The Wildest Room
What is Ruined, What Is Real
Two Miles of Train (Hobo Jungle Fever Dream)

Corin's mixed-up the set list tonight, which is to say he's not playhing them in the same order as last night, or even in the same order they are listed on tonight's sheet. It seems that list is only a recommendation, someone's vision of how things could be, but no on is contractually committed.

The crowd's a little louder, more energetic this evening. All the jitters are gone and it's time to let the songs shine.

Set 1

Sugar Candy Mountain
100 Candles
Cruel Cruel Town
Time To Leave
Nine Inch Nails
Blues Mama
I'm A Fuckin' Genius
It's Too Late
Do You Dream
Old Fort Mac

Set 2

Coming Home To You
If I Were You Instead of Me
Buckets of Time
The Lord Giveth (and The Landlord Taketh Away)
Slip Away
Little Byrd
Big Truck Brought It
Don't Spend It Honey
Lord Loves A Wino
Postcard From A Friend

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