Saturday, June 09, 2012

Corin Raymond
The Cameron House
w/ guests
Miss Quincy and the Showdown

The wife and I are celebrating our 33rd anniversary tonight. In the recent past we've had the good fortune to be in Paris one year, Venice another, New Orleans on two occasions, BC and NB...this year, we're upgrading.

I'm getting to really enjoy walking through the red curtains into the dark and inviting confines of the front room. Every Thursday brings a new living room experience. Tonight we're missing Treasa Levasseur and David Baxter, both in Hamilton thrilling the patrons at The Pearl Company. In their stead we have fiddler, Trent Freeman, a BC expat recently relocated in Toronto and on the piano we have Mike Evan. Brian Kobayakowa and Corin Raymond flesh out The Auxillary Sundowners, May 10th, 2012 version.
One night only, don't you dare miss it!

In November of this year Corin Raymond will be releasing his third album, Paper Nickels, featuring the songs of numerous 'small time' artists; great songs by people you may not know. The album buzz will circle around the trailer park love song that is at the heart of the Canadian Tire Caper, Don't Spend It Honey, but the whole thing will be killer. Songs from the record that were showcased this evening: 100 Candles (I can SEE that beach), Anastasia (my favourite song of the week for 17 weeks running), Old Fort Mac (Vaarmeyer writes some of the best pop-hooks in Canadian roots music), Nine Inch Nails (she moved to Montreal, well eventually don't they all?) and the aforementioned anthem to paper nickels.

Thursday night at The Cameron, with Corin hosting,  is the musical equivalent of Bits N Bites. Every time out it's something different, something unique. Tonight's set is enhanced greatly by the lovely piano fills provided by Mike Evan. These songs won't be done the same way ever again.

When the full band is not out we tend to get some surprises in the set list.

Tonight we have two Jessie Winchester covers; Isn't That So and That's What Makes You Strong...dedicated to my wife and I. Corin's also added a song by local artists The Warped 45's, the topical Progress, a testament to the insanity of uber-consumerism.

Filling in between sets we have  Miss Quincy and the Showdown who are stopping over in Toronto on their way home from a European tour. A sassy trio and an eclectic little break.

t01    Intro
t02    100 Candles (Swiftys)
t03    Anastasia (Max Metro)
t04    The Law and the Lonesome (Raymond/Byrd)
t05    Ridin' West on Dundas (Raymond)
t06    Isn't That So (Jessie Winchester)
t07    That's What Makes You Strong (J Winchester)
t08    Hard on Things (Raymond/Vaarmeyer)
t09    Progress (The Warped 45's)
t10    Stealin' My Heart (Raymond)
t11    3,000 Miles (Raymond)

Miss Quincy and the Showdown

t01    Intro
t02    Nobody With You
t03 Dead Horse
t04 You're Mama Don't Like Me

Corin Raymond

t12    Intro
t13    Old Fort Mac (Rob Vaarmeyer)
t14    Something to Lean On
t15    Nine Inch Nails
t16    Hello Hello (Raymond)
t17    Canadian Tire Update -talk
t18    Don't Spend It Honey (Raymond/Vaarmeyer)
t19    "I Have the New Total, I Must Call the Wall St Journal immediately!"
t20    There Will Always Be A Small Time (Raymond)

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