Monday, September 03, 2012

The Offspring
Echo Beach, Toronto ON
w/ Dead Sara and The Dirty Nil

Today is the 40th anniversary of the first concert I ever attended. In 1972 I saw Alice Cooper at Varsity Stadium, a cozy mid-sized outdoor venue. It was the break-out tour for the #1 hit School's Out but the bulk of the show was still centered around Love It to Death and Killer. There was a lot going on that night, between the excitement of busting my live music cherry, the theatrics of the show, a light drizzle to add to the atmosphere, the 'niceties and accoutrements of live' we imbibed in. Probably been chasing that moment for the past 40 years.

Happy to be still at it. The Offspring were one of the first bands I took my kids to see as they were nearing their teens back in the '90's. We had a spot on the rail for a show at the KOOL HAUS. Tonight my son, just a couple years away from his 30th, is joining me. The circle is unbroken.

Echo Beach is a new venue adjacent to the Molson Amphitheatre in what is now the "Closed for Renovation or Repurposing"  shell of Ontario Place. All GA, exposed to the elements, close to the lake. And it's a real beach, complete with sand. At least it's not raining.

The Dirty Nil, out of the Hammer, open the night at 6:45 pm, staring into the sun. I'm sitting at the bar with Michael, putting away 16 oz of mediocre beer at a cost of $15.00. The sound is great, even from a distance. These guys are filling in for Neon Trees on the Canadian dates. Not everyone can get into this country. Good job. Pop-punk. You'd be happy if you came across them in a bar.

Dead Sara, from L.A., turn it up a notch. Impressivie, aggressive lead female vocal. Bit of a screamo.

The Offspring probably wouldn't rank amongst my choice of the 10 Best Bands but they hold a spot on the 10 Best LIVE Bands list. Guaranteed to bring a smile. Nothing much changes, year after year but I say that in a good way, there's comfort in the familiar. Not that it's totally static.  For the first time since 1997 a show without Intermission. No songs from the first two albums. And a ton from the new record, but not the hit single.

Here's the track list and some sound samples:

The Offspring
"Release the Hostages"
Echo Beach
Toronto ON

t01    Hurting as One  (Days Go By, 2012)
t02    All I Want (Ixnay on the Hombre, 1997)
t03 Come Out and Play (Smash, 1994)
t04 Days Go By (Days Go By, 2012)
t05    Have You Ever  (Americana, 1998)
t06    Staring at the Sun  (Americana, 1998)
t07 Gone Away (Ixnay on the Hombre, 1997)
t08    Turning Into You  (Days Go By, 2012)
t09    Bad Habit  (Smash, 1994)
t10    Gotta Get Away  (Smash, 1994)
t11    OC Guns  (Days Go By, 2012)
t12    Kristy, Are You Doing Okay? (Rise & Fall, Rage & Grace, 2008)
t13 Why Don't You Get A Job? (Americana, 1998)
t14    Dividing by Zero  (Days Go By, 2012)
t15    Slim Pickens Does the Right Thing and Rides the Bomb to Hell  (Days Go By, 2012)
t16    You're Gonna Go Far, Kid  (Rise & Fall, Rage & Grace, 2008)
t17    talk
t18 Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)  (Americana, 1998)
t19    The Kids Aren't Alright  (Americana, 1998)
t20    Encore:
t21    Americana  (Americana, 1998)
t22    (Can't Get My) Head Around You (Splinter, 2003)
t23 Self Esteem  (Smash, 1994)

t24 Weatherman (Dead Sara opening band)

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