Saturday, January 26, 2013

Corin Raymond and the Sundowners
Paper Nickels Record Release Party
January 22 & 23, 2013
Tranzac Club Main Hall

MORE UPCOMING SHOWS HERE : Oakville tonight. Out west and back. Plenty of chances to catch Paper Nickels.

It was cold outside but cozy warm and inviting inside. Both nights the Tranzac was packed to capacity.

What a fitting launch for this project, two years in the making, one year in producing; it'll last a lifetime.

Corin promises two distinctly different shows for his legion of fans and supporters who have provided the lift for the wave he has been riding this year. The first night featured the first record. Second night, second record. In between some rare treats, including vocal performances from Sundowners, David Baxter and Treasa Levasseur.

Paper Nickels is a celebration of a number of talented song-writers, mostly Canadian, spread across the country. They continue to be celebrated in the 'non album' songs as we get  a mini-Raghu Loganathan tribute (The Wildest Room, The Man That I'm Becoming, I'm A Fucking Genius, When the DogCatcher Comes and the album cut, Sugar Candy Mountain.) We're also treated to a couple of Undesirable tracks, Rain Song and Trains and Boats and Planes and Buses. My personal highlights were two rare tracks, one from There Will Always Be A Small Time; the homage to Roy Orbinson, The Lonely One. Corin really nailed this difficult song. It's one thing to pull it off in the studio, where you can rest a few days before you lay down the vocal track, it's another thing to sound like this in the middle of a one and a half hour set. The other rare song was from Record Lonesome Night; That Was Then, This Is You.

Night one closes with a wonderfully camp version of Nazareth's Love Hurts, mashed up with Bonnie Tyler's (or a trans-gendered Rod Stewart It's A Heartache. Night closes with the 'can't miss' Small Time featuring a Treasa Levasseur ring-tone this evening.

And a handful of other wonderful songs.

Not to mention the complete Paper Nickels.

Find out more. Hear more.

Corin Raymond Music

Ole Fort Mac  (Paper Nickels)
Anastasia  (Paper Nickels)
If I Were You (Instead of Me)  (Paper Nickels)
100 Candles  (Paper Nickels)
One of These Days (David Baxter, vocals)
Dutch  (Paper Nickels)
The Lord Loves A Wino  (Paper Nickels)
Paid To Party
The Wildest Room
One Fine Day
Cruel Cruel Town  (Paper Nickels)
Little Bird  (Paper Nickels)
Veronica  (Paper Nickels)
The Man That I'm Becoming
Sugar Candy Mountain (Paper Nickels)
3000 Miles
Don't Spend It Honey
Rain Song
The Lonely One
Take Me To The Mountain
Love Hurts/It's A Heartache

Brand New Song (Paper Nickels)
Blues Mama (Paper Nickels)
The Lord Giveth (The Landlord Taketh Away) (Paper Nickels)
When the Dogcatcher Comes
I'm A Fuckin' Genius
Do You Dream?
Bucket of Time (Paper Nickels)
Trains and Boats and Planes and Buses
(Everywhere Is Home When You're) On The Road(Treasa Levasseur vocals)
That Was Then, This Is You
Nine Inch Nails (Paper Nickels)
Time To Leave (Paper Nickels)
A Big Truck Brough It (Paper Nickels)
Don't Spend It Honey (Paper Nickels)
Change (Paper Nickels)
Postcard from Winnipeg (Paper Nickels)
There Will Always Be A Small Time

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