Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Corin Raymond and the Sundowners
Greenbank Folk Society

Corin brought the best of his storytelling talents and the Sundowners, as always, brought their chops. The roll-out of Paper Nickels is still going strong. It'll be heading back out west this summer after a springtime of Southern Ontario outings. You can catch this band almost every Thursday at The Cameron House of Queen St West... 6pm to 8pm.

First set is a showcase of the new record, save for a cover of I'm A Fuckin' Genius and Corin's own piece, 3,000 Miles. Second set has a few more from Paper Nickels but also offers some rarities from Small Time; Blue Mermaid Dress and Wish I Was In Love.

Opening act, Patrick Brealey, who also has a residency at The Cameron (Friday nights at 8 pm) was simply...wait for it...amazing! (Had-to-be-there joke.)

Corin Raymond, vocals, guitar
David Baxter, guitar, mandolin, backing vox
Treasa Levasseur, piano, accordion, backing vox
Brian Kobayakowa, bass

Set 1

t01    Ole Fort Mac (Rob Vaarmeyer)
t02    100 Candles (Swiftys)
t03    Anastasia (Max Metrault)
t04 I'm A Fucking Genius (Raghu Lokanathan)
t05    Norquay Rap
t06    Cruel Cruel Town (Doug Norquay)
t07    Dutch (Scott Nolan)
t08    Blues Mama (John Borra)
t09    Veronica (Corin Raymond)
t10    2am Applause Rap
t11    3,000 Miles (Corin Raymond)
t12    Big Truck Brought It (Rob Vaarmeyer)

Set 2

t01    Blue Mermaid Dress (Corin Raymond)
t02    Stealin' My Heart (Corin Raymond)
t03    Treasa Raps ...too hard for you to sing
t04 The Lonely One (Corin Raymond)
t05    Hard On Things (Corin Raymond)
t06    Little Bird (Jonathan Byrd) Treasa on vox
t07 Wish I Was In Love (Corin Raymond)
t08    Time Won't Wait (David Baxter) David on vox
t09    Canadian Tire Caper Rap
t10    Don't Spend It Honey (Vaarmeyer/Raymond)
t11    Aussie Shark Rap
t12    Time To Leave (David Ross MacDonald)
t13    There Will Always Be A Small Time (Corin Raymond)
t14    Brand New Song (Andrew Neville)
t15    Chicken Toss Rap
t16    Postcard From A Friend (Corin Raymond)

Patrick Brealey

t01    Something To Do With You
t02    My End of The Deal
t03    Mercy of Pauline
t04    You're My Sugar
t05    I Don't Want to Hear Another Love Song
t06    Home Sweet Oklahoma
t07    I Bet It's Not What You Had In Mind
t08 Teach Me (How To Rock n Roll)
t09    Castaway Heart

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