Thursday, October 17, 2013

We Are Off to See The Wizard
and so much more
Fall 2013 Road Trip

It's always been our way to plan more than we can comfortably accomplish...we have reasons for that and those reasons don't seem to be abating.

So we are back on the road to ... it doesn't really matter where as long as you are on it.

What started as a quick-hit extended-weekend getaway in the Blue Ridge Mountains has morphed into a nine-day-meet-old-friends marathon. I like it like that.
Date of Departure : Saturday October 19.
Date of Return : Sunday October 27.

Day one will be a breeze, since the American Government is back at work. Nothing but black-top until we rest in Summersville WV on Rural Route 19. That should be 8-10 road hours later.

A mere four hours on the road today and we are rewarded with 3 restful days at the top of Beech Mountain in North Carolina  at the Land of Oz

We will stay in Dorothy's House close to the 75th Anniversary of the release of the movie.
And take the yellow brick road to where it leads.
And come home with much better pictures, didn't want to ruin the surprise here:)

Wednesday October 23. Five road hours today as we continue the Hallowe'en theme and head to Huntington WV for Alice Cooper's Tour of Terror on Wednesday night.

Thursday October 24. Six hours on the road today get us to Harper's Ferry WV to visit our friend who did me the favour of picking up 9 milk crates of 78 RPM discs I bought off some guy in Maryland.

A couple hours of picking will be followed by a short jaunt to Charles Town WV where Christopher will be playing at the Longshot Billiards Room Bluesgate Jam..

Friday October 25. Seven more road hours on Friday will find us driving to the end of Long Island, Sag Harbor to be precise. This extension was added last Sunday when I won an auction on eBay. I don't want this record put in the mail if I could avoid it and I just happen to be in the area. If your area is the east coast.

Link to Robert Johnson auction 

Sometime around mid-day on Saturday we will be in Woodstock NY to visit the final resting place of Levon Helm and Rick Danko and to spend some time with good company. While we're there we might as well see Big Pink, visit the site of Dylan's 66 bike crash and get some sustenance at The Bear.

Sunday sees us with seven more road hours and we are home, with a quick stop in Western New York to see some friends.

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