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Road Trip: Paris and the Black Forest
September 4th through to September 19, 2015<>Tentative Itinerary

...and a couple other places.

It was in the spring of 2002, during out first visit to Europe, while driving from Bad Windsheim, Germany to Strasbourg,  France, Cece and I took the first of what would be many road detours. Tiring of the pace of the autobahn we exited towards Baden-Baden and found ourselves on the Schwarzwald Hochstrasse, Route 500, a breath-taking road that winds straight up into the mountains. What a stroke of luck. Only thing missing was the time to enjoy it.

On that same trip, returning north towards yet another Bob Dylan concert, we drove along the outskirts of Luxembourg, tempted at every bridge to cross the river into a new country. Only thing missing was the time.

On two different trips to Paris we failed to find a way into Versailles, the Palace where the 'ancien regime' , their power solidified by victories in the Crusades, wallowed in its excesses and the leaders of the free world , in 1919, set us on a path that has lead to our current world-wide crisis...Muslims vs Christians, same as it ever was.

We are here to right those wrongs. Not the Muslims vs. Christians thing, that will take another few hundred years. We're going to properly visit these areas...and a couple other places.

Oh, and we're gonna see some dead people. Not just the big three cemetaries; Montparnasse, Montmartre and Pere Lachaise but some smaller ones like St. Vincent, Picpic, not to mention the Pantheon and Charlesville-Meziers.

Here's the index to our itinerary. If we get 80% of this done it will have been a joyously successful trip.

Table of Contents

Day 1 :  Saturday Sept 5, 2015  Pages 3-5
Arrive, check car rental, local neighbourhood walk, Place de la Republique, Canal Saint-Martin

Day 2:  Sunday Sept 6, 2015     Pages 6-9
Walk # 5 Knights and Mansions, Musee Carnavalet(A) and Picasso Museum(A) 
Walk #7 Backstreets of the Bastille

Day 3:  Monday Sept 7, 2015    Pages 10-13
Walk #20 From Romans to the Revolution
Walk #21 Down and Out in Paris, The Pantheon(N)
Walk #19 Following the Rose Line, Shakespeare & Co Books

Day 4:  Tuesday Sept 8, 2015    Pages 14-17
Sienne lunch cruise
Wine tasting in Latin Quarter
Walk 9 The Romantic Island (Ile St-louis)

Day 5:  Wednesday Sept 9, 2015         Page 18
Versailles and Giverny Tour
Go to the Louvre.

Day 6: Thursday Sept 10, 2015 Pages 19-23
Louvre(A)?, Jardin Tulieres, Place De la Concorde Champs, Arc(Semi-A), L’Orangerie(A), Saddest Place in Paris
Walk 1 Ile de la Citie, Conciergerie(N), Saint Chapelle(A Reservation required), Notre Dame(S-A)

Day 7: Friday Sept 11, 2015      Pages 24-27
Montmartre free form, Sacre Coeur , Espace Dali,
Centre Pompidou(A via the corner of rue Saint Merri)
Any walk we may have missed.

Day 8: Saturday Sept 12, 2015  Page 28-31
Walk #24 Painters’ Paris
Montparnasse Museum(??), Tower(N) and Cemetery(A), Musee D’Orsay(A)
Day 9: Sunday Sept 13, 2015    Pages 32-37
Walk #8 Home of the Famous Dead (Pere Lachaise)

Day 10:  Monday Sept 14, 2015                              Pages 38
Paris to Horben Germany

Day 11:  Tuesday Sept 15, 2015                    Pages 39-42
Black Forest Part 1 Feldberg (highest peak), Triberg (Cuckoo clocks), Freiberg

Day 12:  Wednesday Sept 16, 2015               Pages 43-44
Black Forest Part 2 Baden-Baden

Day 13:  Thursday Sept 17, 2015                  Page 45-46
Strasbourg France, (Palais Rohan, Notre-Dame #7), Luxembourg

Day 14:  Friday Sept 18, 2015                       Page 47-49
Charlesville-Meziers, Rimbaud Tour, Notre Dame in Riems

Day 15:  Saturday Sept 19, 2015                   Page 49
Leave for home 11 AM

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