Saturday, August 13, 2016

Tarry Awhile in Tara

It's been three months since The Change and I never thought being semi-retired would take so much out of me.
The summer has been filled with renovations at the house and a whirlwind pace of getting acclimated to our new environs.
The house: a 10' X 20' deck extension with a 40' wheelchair ramp that leads to the parking pad. Or as we like to call it: freedom.
It is not a small thing. Inside we had a stair-lift installed so Cece can make use of the whole house, including a 5'X5' walk-in shower that makes even the mundane things we have to do both easier and safer.

We've painted, installed blinds, had a metal roof put on, installed a new hardwood floor in the living room and, most importantly, turned our deck into an oasis.

On both sides.
For the most part it's been sunshine and drinks.

And driving back and forth into the city.

Even with all that Cece and I have had more time together this summer than in the last 5 years combined. Cruising the rural roads is life-affirming, pastoral and quiet.

Waking up in the morning to the fresh smell of 'cow' is a reminder that things have changed.

This guy's not so pungent, he's our county mascot, Big Bruce.

We take day trips to local beaches and waterfalls, this one being Inglis Falls, just around the corner.

Cece (here with our daughter, Emily) is getting more than her required dose of sunshine.
I'm getting the odd workout in too.

This is my home town, 60 seconds from our front porch.
Walk another minute and you are on the banks of the Sauble River.
We've had visits from friends at work.
My sister and brother-in-law found their way here as well.
And Emily, with Don's assistance, is making good use of our fire permit.
All in all the transition is going well.
Today Emily gets a 3 day visit from an old friend, who is bringing along her two young children.

We may be a long way from where we were but the world got bigger for all of us.

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