Friday, October 10, 2008


Another raucous show with a punk band at the KOOL HAUS.

Long night too. Too long for some.

A half-hour + from Montreal based Grimskunk to open. These guys are very good considering they're the first of 4 bands on the bill tonight. The two guitar players especially, who filled the hall with some deft duo work a la Arctic Monkeys.

Local darlings The Flatliners put in an energetic and improved set over their showing at the Rancid show. Much tighter. The sound was better too, which didn't hurt.

Less impressive were Dillinger Four, who, fortunately, put in a shorter set than The Flatliners. The set was livened up by a heckler standing nearby who continually shouted "Nice beard!" at the portly lead singer.

The crowd was pumped and drunk by the time NOFX hit the stage at 10:20 pm. In spite of this they were well-behaved, for the most part, until a major brawl broke out in my vicinity with about three songs to go. What started as two guys lying on the beer-soaked floor throwing rabbit punches, escalated to a scrum of 6-8 flailing arms and legs bowling it's way across the floor. I managed to surf the outside of the wave all the way from the right speaker stacks to in front of the soundboard. Didn't get hit once. Never got doused with beer all night either, so I guess I had that going for me.

NOFX had done a show the night before and open this one by proclaiming they'd done away with the hits and were going to play "songs of the heart". I'm not so familiar with their catalogue so I can't speak to the rarity of the songs played but they did seem to be rummaging around for some artifacts of the past.

Their self-deprecating stage patter was amusing, moreso than the gutter-humour that surrounded their political musings or the spectacle of an armless dwarf being tossed into the audience to crowd surf. (Note: Actually, the toss was all in good fun and all participants were willing.) Great interaction with the mistaking their agenda...a good time for all, especially the one up front who refused to smile.

Toronto ON

Disc 01 (50:04)
Track 01 Intro - talk/Songs of the Heart
Track 02 Pharmacists Daughter (Pump Up The Valuum,2000 )
Track 03 Fuck The Kids (46 or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records,2002 )
Track 04 Linoleum (Punk In Drublic, 1994)
Track 05 Seeing Double At The Triple Rock (Wolves In Wolves Clothing,2006 )
Track 06 Quart In Session (So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes, 1997)
Track 07 Soul Doubt (White Trash, Two Heebs And A Bean, 1992)
Track 08 Eat The Meek (So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes,1997 )
Track 09 The Man I Killed (Wolves In Wolves Clothing,2006 )
Track 10 There's No Fun In Fundamentalism (7" of the Month Club, April 2005)
Track 11 Murder the Government/Many Rivers To Cross/Murder reprise (So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes,1997 )
Track 12 Reeko (Punk In Drublic, 1994)
Track 13 Leaving Jesusland (Wolves In Wolves Clothing,2006 )
Track 14 I'm Telling Tim (So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes,1997 )
Track 15 Champ Elysees (So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes,1997 )
Track 16 talk
Track 17 She's Nubs (The War on Errorism, 2003)

Disc 2

Track 01 Radio (Rancid)
Track 02 It's My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite (So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes,1997 )
Track 03 Leave It Alone (Punk In Drublic, 1994)
Track 04 Whoops, I Od'd (The War on Errorism, 2003)
Track 05 Bottles To The Ground (Pump Up The Valuum, 2000)
Track 06 Don't Call Me White (Pump Up The Valuum,2000 )
Track 07 Kill All The White Man (I Heard They Suck Live, 1995)
Track 08 Louise (Pump Up The Valuum, 2000)
Track 09 Theme From A NOFX Album (Pump Up The Valuum,2000 )

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Anonymous said...

Don't Call Me White is from the album "Punk In Drublic - 1994" not Valuum