Friday, October 10, 2008

Steve Forbert
The Studio @ Hamilton Place

Steve Forbert's been a favourite since he first burst onto the scene with the albatross "The Next Dylan" hung around his neck with a coat-hanger harmonica rack. He even went through similar changes...from acoustic folk to a folk rock sound. Don't believe he dipped into the born-again persona though.

He had his kick at the can early in his career and never garnered the status or acclaim he deserved...but he's still out there playing to those who remember and his sets are a hidden gem in the busy Toronto concert calendar. I'm not in Toronto to see him due to a conflict with last night's NOFX show and because he was at Hugh's Room. I won't sit through another show with clanging dinner dishes unless there's no choice. The cozy confines of The Studio, a mere hour away from home, is an excellent alternative. There's about a hundred of us gathered at 20 tables. I spend the first set in front of a talkative group who didn't go one complete song without partaking in a four-way conversation. For the second set I moved over to the other side and found myself near Sir Clap-A-Lot. Much as a loud clapper can be instrusive on a recording I really don't begrudge them enjoying themselves. The 'off topic' talkers are just a rude bunch.

Very loose show. Just Steve with an acoustic, his harmonica and a stomping board. Lots of chatter with the audience, maybe too much in the second half as people started acting like we were all sitting in their living room. Even took a handful of requests and did a few covers.

Steve Forbert
The Studio @ Hamilton Place

Set 1

Track 01 Thinkin'
Track 02 The American In Me
Track 03 Autumn This Year
Track 04 Any Old Time (Hank Snow)
Track 05 Goin' Down To Laurel
Track 06 Oh Yesterday
Track 07 Away Out On The Mountain (Jimmie Rodgers)
Track 08 Early Mornin' Rain (Gordon Lightfoot)
Track 09 Song For Katrina
Track 10 Baby Don't
Track 11 Bagdhad Dream
Track 12 I Just Work Here
Track 13 Complications
Track 14 Say Goodbye To Little Jo

Set 2

Track 01 Wild As The Wind
Track 02 Big City Cat
Track 03 Hang On Till The Sun Shines (?)
Track 04 Good Planets Are Hard To Find
Track 05 Rock Show (?)
Track 06 The Sweet Love That You Give (Sure Goes A Long Long Way)
Track 07 Starstruck
Track 08 It Sure Was Better Back Then
Track 09 There's Everybody Else (And Then There's You)
Track 10 Middle Age
Track 11 About A Dream
Track 12 What Kinda Guy
Track 13 January 23-30,1978
Track 14 Good Night Interlude (?)
Track 15 Romeo's Tune
Track 16 Thirty More Years
Track 17 You Cannot Win, If You Do Not Play

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Anonymous said...

"Any Old Time" is actually a Jimmie Rodgers song...Hank Snow might have recorded it too, but this track is from the tribute album Steve recorded to, you guessed it, Jimmie Rodgers.