Saturday, July 10, 2010

CR Avery
Cicada Music Fest
Port Dalhousie ON
July 10,2010

Poet, beat-boxer, rock n roller CR Avery is still out there, working hard, waitin' on you to get it.

He'll be back here in September for a book tour if fortune smiles.

Yesterday I caught his headlining set at theCicada Music Fest.

He's back onstage at 5pm today so you still have time.

We were well entertained in the early afternoon by Dust Devil alumni Kevin Higgins and Barbara Malteze before the Roger Marin Band put in a headliner quality set of their own.

CR came out and challenged the gathered multitude...complete with a parental advisory at the beginning in case things got ugly. They didn't. They never do. The score is now CR Avery 17, enlightened audience 0.

Here's the songs, with some samples.

CR Avery
Cicada Music Fest
Port Dalhousie, ON

Track 01 Parental Warning/Intro
Track 02 Is This What You Wanted? (Cohen)
Track 03 The Boxer Who Just Returned From London
Track 04 Maggies Farm (Dylan)
Track 05 I'm Gonna Eat You Out
Track 06 Jimi Hendrix/ Dylan
Track 07 Love Song
Track 08 Pierre Eliot Trudeau
Track 09 When I'm Gone

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