Friday, July 16, 2010

Dead Weather 2.0
Sound Academy

Jack's back!

It is what it is, but it ain't no White Stripes.

It's not even The Raconteurs.

First time out to the Sound Academy. My KOOL HAUS boycott is forcing me to find new venues. Wish I'd have missed this one. Lovely looking place with great sound. Stage is too low and the bar is too big, at least 60% of the audience wouldn't have been able to see the artists. Don't get VIP parking. It's close to the venue but it takes a good while to get out if you don't miss the encore. If you take the TTC, bring a lunch for the walk in.

Opening band, Lullabye Arkestra, was, ummmm, melodically challenged. You know it's not a good sign when ticketbastard mispells your name.
Shame on the people behind Dead Weather. I see live music in this city. I know there are more worthy bands. It's nothing but laziness that sees this act win a covetted opening spot. Strange thing is Jack has seen his 'other father' Bob Dylan books acts as talented as The Raconteurs, The Foo Fighters, Elvis Costello and Kings Of Leon, in front of his set. The old goat may not be the stallion he once was but he ain't afraid of no pony's.

Next time you venture this way drop me a line and I'll find you a group that challenges AND pleases your audience.

Their set list went something like this:

Drone #1 Instrumental
Drone #2 w/ vocals, duet
Drone #3 w/ vocals, solo
Screamfest #1
Screamfest #2
Sonic Insult #1
Drone #4
Sesame Street Song, as in "one of these things doesn't belong here, one of these things isn't the same." Some lovely classic sounding country tune that really spotlighted the chicks singing abilities. I'd give you an mp3 but it might suck you into tracking this band down.
Screamfest #3
Sonic Insult #2
Drone #5 and onwards.

Thing is this husband and wife team is about 12 years too old for what they're singing and the only club that would tolerate this shit shut down about 6 months ago when the Kathredal/Big Bop et al left the Queen St scene.

Jack's been making some noise about the quality of discourse on the internet of late. He's been planting stories in the press deriding that sea of cowards who hide behind avatars and screen names while pissing on the world outside.

Well, that brings this review to an end.

Just kidding, I'm gonna bitch. These are strange shows with the Dead Weather. I have a suspicion there's a dynamic at play that is never going to let this band grow beyond the status of a Jack White side-project. I know, Jack'd come up and smack me right now for saying so but it ain't just me, check out the event code on the ticket above.
It's like Alison hasn't brought in a group of hardcore Kills fans to see how she's doing. Dean probably doesn't have a flock of QOTSA groupies on the road. I'll bet dollars to donuts that anyone who was enamoured with Little Jack's stint in the Greenhorns would'nt last more than 2 songs. Who's that leave?

Well, two kinds of people...those who gotta go 'cause it's a 'White Stripes happenin' night out' and me.
The first type were the ones jabbering through the intro's to You Just Can't Win and Will There Be Enough Water?

I go because if I could have witnessed Shakespeare writing notes in the margins of Christopher Marlow's work I would have been there to pick it up for posterity's sake.

The band is better than they were last year. Louder. Tighter. The songs...well, I've only heard them once so I can't tell you if the new ones are better. Hustle and Cuss is the only one that stood out.

Set List

60 Feet Tall
Hang You From The Heavens
You Just Can't Win
So Far From Your Weapon
Cut Like a Buffalo
No Horse
Jack talk - collecting Cdn debt
Difference Between Us
I'm Mad
Rocking Horse
Hustle & Cuss
Die By The Drop
New Pony
Will There Be Enough Water?
(encore break/band intro)

Blue Blood Blues
I Can't Hear You
Treat Me Like Your Mother

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