Sunday, July 17, 2011

Carole Pope
(formerly of Rough Trade)
Beaches Jazz Festival

It strikes me kind of funny, it strikes me kind of weird, some 36 years after I first saw this maverick clutching her crotch at a matinee show on Yonge St., we still haven't gotten over people being gay. We've come a long way, we still have a long way to go.

Carole Pope did an early evening set to help open the Beaches International Jazz Festival.
Staring into a bright setting sun, white jacket, lime green chiffon blouse and bordering-on-Elton-John-territory sunglasses, she launches into All Touch, No Contact and seems to be enjoying the scene.

Most of the songs she played tonight are available at itunes,from the transcend album.

She was also showcasing a few songs from her upcoming record, in conjunction with Rufus Wainwright. Tonight we got Did I Mention?, God = Love, and Viral. Apparently Viral is available at iTunes as well but I can't find it. Check out Carole's mySpace Page for a sample.

Stage patter included comments about the unsettling state of Americana, a story about Kevan Staples, not available tonight as his daughter recently had a baby, and the strange feeling one gets singing a salacious song about cool, blonde bitches when you're on the other side of 60.

She hasn't lost any of her spunk. The crowd was loving every moment as she ran through some favourites; Crimes of Passion, High School Confidential and Weapons among them.

All Touch, No Contact
Love Strikes Hard
Dream 6
*Did I Mention
Johnny Marr
High School Confidential
*God = Love
Crimes of Passion
Twist of the Knife

All Touch, No Contact (reprise)

Saw Carole at the Gladstone a few years ago and did this more extensive review.

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