Sunday, July 17, 2011

David Bromberg Quartet
Hugh's Room
Song Links Corrected 07/17

Eclectic roots artist David Bromberg is performing in Canada for the first time in 35 years! For 22 of those he didn't perform for anyone so we don't feel so bad. He was a fixture here near the end of Yorkville's Golden Era, playing at The Riverboat and the local folk festival, Mariposa.

Hugh's Room is absolutely packed, which doesn't bode well for an interference free night. This venue, while it has excellent sound and good sightlines for 80% of the viewers, makes way too much money off the food and they keep serving, throughout the set. Bromberg did well to keep the show so interesting that the rest of the noise was of no consequence.

I came to hear two songs if fortune smiled; Sloppy Drunk and Miss the Mississippi. Got neither. In fact, got only one song I knew, Delia, not counting the instrumental version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Really enjoyed the show. From start to finish.

David Bromberg Quartet
Hugh's Room
Toronto ON

Disc 1
t01 Brown's Ferry Blues
t02 That's Alright
t03 Summer Wages
t04 talk
t05 Bring It With You When You Come*/Wooly Bully
t06 The Long Goodbye*
t07 Lookout Mountain Girl*
t08 Diggin' in the Deep Blue Sea*
t09 Blue Is Fallin'*
t10 Dark Hollow
t11 Somewhere Over the Rainbow (instrumental)
t12 Rock N Roll Millionaire/band intro
t13 Instrumental
t14 Instrumental

Disc 2
t01 Delia
t02 talk
t03 You Got To Mean It Too (?)
t04 Tongue*
t05 As the Years Go Passing By
t06 The New Lee Highway

t07 Will Not Be Your Fool

*from upcoming CD release


E. said...

Hey, Thanks a lot for this. David played such a great set that night!
It seems that some of the tracks you posted are the wrong ones ('Bring it with you' is actually just stage banter and 'summer wages' is 'Look out mountain girl'). It would be really great is you could post the ones you originally intended. And even more amazing is you could post 'As the years go passing by' and 'New Lee Highway' as well...
I know it's a lot to ask, but it was such a great show!

Krewe Chief said...

Thanks for the heads up. I think I've corrected the links and I've added a couple songs.