Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MI Fest
Brooklyn, Michigan
September 17,2011
featuring The Raconteurs

...and a host of others.

This is the inaugural MI Fest featuring as many artists with local ties as could be located for a fall concert. The headliners are The Raconteurs, led by rock-god Jack White, bolstered by the rhythm section from The Greenhornes, Little Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler, and supported by sometime member of Queens of the Stone Age, Dean Fertita...all cut their teeth in Michigan bars.

Jack's even brought 5 of  his Third Man Records artists up from Nashville to fill up the third stage.

Jeff the Brotherhood 5:00
Black Milk 4:15
Pujol 3:30
Black Belles 2:45
Thornbills 2:00
Bear Lake* 1:00
The Juliets* 12:15
* non Third Man Records Artists
A second stage is filled with numerous local, not quite nationally recognized acts.


The Rockets 7:30
Ty Stone 6:00
Howling Diablos 4:45
Jill Jack 3:45
Whitey Morgan 3:00
The Ragbirds 2:15
Hot Club of Detroit 1:30
Jessica Hernandez 12:45
Shockwave 12:00
Now while I'm sure there are going to be some special moments at those two side stages I've decided to stay close to the VIP tent for comfort sake and take in the acts at the main stage. There's a slight chance I'll sneak away to see Black Belles but other than that I'm looking forward to virtually all the main stage artists...from Mitch Ryder onwards.


The Raconteurs 10:00
Sheryl Crow 8:15
Ronnie Dunn 6:45
The Romantics 5:30
Mark Farner 4:30
Alto Reed AllStars 3:30
Jeff Daniels 2:30
Mitch Ryder 1:30
The Ben Daniels Band 12:45
Marnee 12:00 
Some confusion at the outset as ticket prices mysteriously dropped in the week before the show. Perhaps not so mysteriously as it is late in the festival season (VooDoo in New Orleans at the end of October has the distinct advantage of being in New Orleans), it's catering to local interest and it's about an hour from Detroit, which is basically not a high-tourist draw. But it's ambitious in it's scope. I'm not averse to the crowd size being less than capacity.
Might have pictures, hope to have sound samples, when we get back home.

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