Sunday, September 04, 2011

Tommy James and the Shondells
CNE Bandshell
with special guest
Andy Kim

So is Andy Kim going to have someone sing Sugar, Sugar so he can do the backing vocals? My guess is that's as likely as Sinead O'Connor getting her Bob Dylan wish.
Time to enjoy a snippet of pop-heaven. Tommy James and the Shondells don't get up this way that often and how can you missing seeing a band that made up a big part of the soundtrack of your youth?

Well, your wife can be recovering from a hip replacement, wheelchair bound, it can be the last long weekend of the Exhibition, complete with AirShow, the weather report can be calling for 6 hours of steady rain with the odd thunder storm thrown in...but it'll take a little more than that.

GO Train to the Ex. More memories of childhood as we pass through the Food Building, meander along the Midway, stop in to the Better Homes building and try to find a decent spot in front of the Bandshell.

This is our first outing since back in June and while it ain't always easy, it's good to be back chasing the music. As it turns out the Air Show was cancelled due to the threat of inclement weather, it only rained for 5 minutes, we got a spot in the first row and didn't have to pay for entry to the CNE.

Cost of Transportation: $8.80
Cost of Food and Drinks: $15.50
Cost of Entry to Grounds and Concert: $0

2 hours of pleasant memories and great music: $Priceless

A little warning on the sound samples. I've been having some trouble learning about my new recording rig and this capture is what they call "hot", in the parlance of the trade. Levels a little high. Taper was absolutely fine, I promise. With a little editing it's listenable, in an AM transistor radio kind of way. While most recordings come with an admonition to PLAY LOUD, on this one you should get a set of little tinny speakers and listen from a distance(g).

Andy Kim
CNE Bandshell

t01 Baby I Love You (Phil Spector et al)
t02 So Good Together
t03 Rainbow Ride
t04 talk
t05 Sugar, Sugar
t06 Happen Again(new song)
t07 How'd We Ever Get This Way?
t08 It's Your Life
t09 Be My Baby (Phil Spector et al)
t10 Rock Me Gently

t11 Baby I Love You (soundcheck)

I guess the obvious thing is that Sinead's going to get to sing License to Kill with Dylan and Knopfler at the O2.

What a great set of songs from a Canadian artist who made a splash south of the border, not needing the boost that comes from our CanCon regulations.
With the exception of the two Phil Spector tunes all the songs above were penned by Andy Kim during a prolific spurt in the mid-60's to mid-70's, the heyday of AM Hit Radio.

He's in great voice, good spirits, treating the songs as gifts for him, as well as us.

Tommy James and the Shondells
CNE Bandstand

t01 Draggin' the Line
t02 Crystal Blue Persuasion
t03 Say I Am (What I Am)
t04 Gettin' Together
t05 Ball of Fire
t06 Tighter, Tighter
t07 Crimson and Clover
t08 Hanky Panky
t09 I Think We're Alone Now
t10 Do Something To Me
t11 Mony Mony
t12 encore break
t13 Sweet Cherry Wine
t14 Mirage/Mony Mony reprise

What can you say about that set list? Well, one thing. I wasn't expecting a 15 minute version of Mony Mony. Tommy James uses this set ending song to introduce the band and to walk into the audience, shake hands, sign know, all that post-show stuff. The show was about 60 minutes long. That's 12 other songs in the remaining 45 minutes...much more typical of '60's pop. Songs 7-9 were an absolute slice of nostalgic heaven.


Lucio said...

Nice review. I thought Andy's set was spectacular and could have been longer.
By the way, how'd you get into the grounds for free? Cost me quite a lot to get in there plus that $20 parking.
The show was indeed priceless and I wish those guys filming would put it out on an official dvd.

Krewe Chief said...

the CNE lets people in wheelchairs, and their companions,in for free. my wife was recovering from hip replacement surgery. a little bonus for all the trouble:)