Monday, April 19, 2010

Backroad Tour
Day 3
The Volunteer State

The morning starts with a quick stop at the Old Bardstown Village for a few shots of life before...well, pretty much before anything I knew. The buildings were made out of wood and they are falling apart. No need for pics, you'll see some samples later.

Off to the Volunteer let me volunteer some opinions. Americans and Canadians are a lot alike, and not. The differences are sometimes subtle, but telling, or if not telling, at least they beg a question. For instance, in the US all the bridges over the major interstates have fences. The question many people were throwing bricks onto passing cars to make THAT necessary? Try to pump gas here without being forced to pay for it first. The question many people fill up with gas and take off without paying to make THAT necessary? Many bridges are named after deceased law enforcement officers, a noble thing I think. In Canada we have a lot of unnamed bridges, the supply of bridges far outnumbers the demand for honorariums. In Canada I know lots of people but none who pay 25% of their income for medical insurance. In the Canadian dictionary there is no entry for 'co-payment', whatever that is. OK, off the soapbox for now.

Before we make our way into the city we take the opportunity to stop at Andrew Jackson's Hermitage, his homestead, just east of Nashville proper. The Hermitage is in some disrepair (not unlike America itself) and currently there's an effort being made to restore it (not unlike America itself). Ain't much to say about Old Hickory's crib, one ostentatious main mansion surrounded by decrepit slave quarters (not unlike America itself).

OK, NOW I'm off the soapbox.

Jackson did do me the favour of not having to chase down his carcass at some remote burial ground as he has chosen to spend eternity at home, with his family.

First stop in Music City is Jack's record store, Third Man Records. Interesting side project Jack has going, a big "fuck you" to the majors in the music industry who have forsaken developing new talent for the more cost efficient "let us shove some Idols you voted for down your throats, that way we know what you will buy even before we record it." I missed being in the city for Record Store Day where The Raconteurs played a set at the inhouse recording studio/venue. Got here too early for the release of Wanda Jackson's album.

Them's the breaks. Did pick up a hundred dollars worth of Stripes crap and could have spent another $300 on some rare vinyl if Cece didn't pull me out.

What's wrong with this picture?

It's one thing to build a replica of the Parthenon but it loses some of it's appeal if you let motorized vehicles park in front of it.

The night time is the right time, to be with the one you love, too many things get in the way in the day...yada, yada, yada. Cece and I spend a nice evening on the General Jackson cruising the Cumberland River and watching a hokey (but enjoyable) country music show.

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