Friday, April 30, 2010

Simon & Garfunkel
April 24,2010
New Orleans Jazzfest

So you're wondering why the tour was pushed back a couple months?
Take a listen here. They did us all a favour.

Having said that, the only place in the world you could roll out Simon & Garfunkel with an under-rehearsed Simon and a cracking-voiced Garfunkel, is New Orleans.
They don't call this city the Big Easy for nothing.

Our thoughts are with our friends and those strangers as they prepare to do battle with yet another disaster.

This recording suffers from a multitude of problems; poor positioning, I was wide right (I decided early I wouldn't wade into the mud for a better spot), a vocal crowd including Sir Clap-A-Lot and Chatty Cathy's, the artists onstage and a strong, persistent wind...the biggest culprit of all. It's also incomplete as we left at the encore so we'd be comfortably in place for Patti Smith. If you can tolerate those troubles, it testifies to the moment.

Now something magical did happen when it became apparent Art was not going to be able to deliver. He started by begging off some verses then left the stage for awhile. Upon his return things were no better but the audience was behind his every attempt 100%. It was heartwarming, if not acoustically divine. We'll get that in a couple of months.

A Hazy Shade of Winter
I Am A Rock
Keep the Customer Satisfied
Slip Sliding Away
El Condor Pasa
Scarborough Fair Canticle
Mrs Robinson/Not Fade Away
Homeward Bound
(Paul solo)
Diamonds on the Souls of Her Shoes
The Boy in the Bubble
That Was Your Mother
The Only Living Boy in New York
(Art Returns)
My Little Town
Bridge Over Troubled Water

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