Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Backroads Tour
Day 4
Tennessee again

Tonight I'll volunteer no opinions except this one...if you go to Nashville the #1 don't miss thing to do is ????
Visit the Ryman? No
Go to the Grand Ole Opry? No
Watch some hockey team play the Blackhawks? No

You gotta book a tour on the Nash Trash Pink Bus.

The most unorthodox and "R" rated city tour I've ever had. A laugh riot from start to finish. While they don't dish as much "trash" as you'd like they definitely engage the tourists and give you a different, if skewed, look at Nashville.

A stop at Jack Daniels to stock up filled our route to Hamilton AL where we're resting tonight. We have a friend in Kentucky who tells us Tennessee whiskey is swill but we think that's just sibling rivalry amongst a couple states(g)

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