Sunday, April 18, 2010

Backroads Tour
The Bluegrass State

Normally I like my grass green, but today we'll make an exception.

Loretta Lynn's home in Van Lear, this should be easy.

You'd think.

If you ever try to find this place just when you think you must have gone wrong...keep going.

When you see this lovely road marker

you are almost there.

You're not nearly out of danger, but you're almost there.

The road gets narrower and the cliff-edge gets closer, so the thing to do is to drive right by the freakin' house so you gotta navigate a U-turn with a rock wall on one side and sure death on the other. Made it though...and that should be self-evident.

Unfortunately we couldn't find Webb's General Store on the way in so we were unable to arrange a tour. (This can be done by phoning ahead and Loretta's brother will take you in.) On the way in you don't see the front of this store, only the side.

Making our way out of coal country we cross the great state of Kentucky until we come to the Daniel Boone Forest, home of the Red River Gorge. More long and winding roads with the threat of imminent death a little more there are fences along the cliff edge. Some lovely scenery and the funky Nada tunnel bore into the mountain as you exit.

Hope to have a nice scenic shot for my collection but the photos require some work and work ain't on the agenda this week.

From there we stop in Lexington for dinner,drinks and a bit of conversation with longtime dylanpool friend aliasanything and spouse...who are Abby and Bryan in the real, non-interweb world. Some people you can't forget, even if you only meet them once or twice...Abby's on that list. The kids are working hard on their next EP and album and you can check out their sounds at The Rainjunkies site. Our plan was to stop in for an hour or so but time flies when you're having fun, so four hours later, we're back on the Bluegrass Hwy heading for Bardstown while watching a beautiful red-sky sunset.

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